Marketing Programs and Professional Services


Specific marketing programs and professional services to sell you home begin the moment you sign a Listing Agreement. From installing the “For Sale” sign, to listing your home on the Internet, we are constantly working to sell your home.


In order to receive top dollar, you need top exposure. Our marketing plan provides you with that top exposure. Hollywood Homes implements a successful and proven marketing plan using both traditional and Internet-based technologies to expose your home to as many potential purchases as possible, virtually 24-hours a day. These combined strategies make them aware of the key selling features and benefits of YOUR home and include the following:


  •      Prepare a comprehensive CMA to establish fair market value
  •     Prepare and sign listing contract                                                                                         
  •    Provide useful brochures, information and tips to give you and your home a distinct advantage
  •     List your home on the Multiple Listing Service
  •      Advertise your home on top real estate web sites such as,, and
  •      Create and mail “Just Listed” postcards to neighbors and prospective buyers
  •      Run print advertising
  •      Publicize and host Open House Events – exposing your home to potential buyers
  •      Phone all potential buyers with details of listing
  •     Provide feedback on showing from other agents
  •      Contact you with progress reports on marketing activities.
  •      Pre-qualify all potential buyers
  •      Negotiate the transaction
  •     Present and discuss with you, all offers on your property
  •      Arrange and inform all parties of closing date, time and location
  •     Arrange for relocation agent, if required
  •      Arrange for moving company, if required